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Litecubes are the first freezable light up ice cube that turns on and off with the push of a button!

For the quintessential low-tech, gotta have-it party gadget, look no further than our litecubes. It is a non-toxic plastic 1-inch square block that resembles the fanciest of ice cubes. The interior contains an FDA approved freezable gel, either a solid or multi colored LEDs and a lithium ion battery. The total lifespan of the light is a minimum of 12 hours and is easily disposable. To activate, just simply push the button on the bottom of each cube. Unlike the single-use “glow sticks” that are popular these days at concerts and parties, the litecube can be turned off and then reused again.

ASI#67740, PPAI#230177, SAGE#66953, U.S. Pat. #6,416,198 B1, U.S. Pat. #6,824,289 B2.
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